Minister Farrakhan Congratulates Poet Mutabaruka w/Message to Caribbean leaders

The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan sends a special message of congratulations to world renowned poet Mutabaruka on receiving IRIE FM’s 2019 Lifetime Achievement Award. The award was presented on March 24, 2019 at a ceremony at the Kingston Technical High School.⠀

MutabarukaMutabaruka, a Jamaican Rastafari, is also a musician, actor, educator, and talk-show host of two of Jamaica's most popular radio programs, The Cutting Edge and Steppin' Razor. Minister Farrakhan has been a guest on his show during his past tours of Caribbean.

In his message, Minister Farrakhan also offered guidance to Caribbean leaders regarding President Donald Trump's desire to use them in his effort to overthrow the legitimately elected government of Venezuela.

The IRIE FM Lifetime Achievement Award is awarded annually to a Jamaican distinguished by a body of work that demonstrates outstanding and exceptional leadership, dedication and achievement nationally and globally, and who has shown exceptional leadership in industry advancement. It also recognizes a Jamaican who has dedicated his/her life to a worthy cause or given to the community/nation in a major way.⠀